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Review of Ken Macy's newest album "Outlines"


Humble and grateful are two words you might not associate with a successful musician who has recorded five albums and played at venues throughout New England, but those two words certainly come to mind when talking with Ken Macy.

"It's really something special that can't be taken for granted." the Central Massachusetts native said, when asked what it's like to play for a crowd of adoring fans.

While his following is strong, it has taken Macy time to grow his career. At 13, Macy was walking by a music shop when he noticed a guitar in the window. He decided to give the instrument a shot and took lessons. Fast forward a few years, and Macy started doing open mic events to get his name out. " I started meeting people, and it kind of snowballed from there." he said.

Macy recorded his first album (which he describes as more or less a demo) at 19. The experience proved to be a valuable one that helped the young artist become more at ease with the writing and recording process. "By the time I got to my third record, I felt really comfortable recording and writing." Macy said. "It really fell into place right around then."

It's not the accolades or music sales that hit home the most. For Macy, it's the little moments that have cemented his passion for what he does. "When you play a song and people come up to you and are moved by what you do, that is something you can't get anywhere else." he said. It's a really cool feeling when you sing a song. It's no longer about you; it's about everybody."

There have been times that the music of the creative songwriter has not just touched an audience, but that his audience has touched him. Macy recalls a group of young adults who attended a performance several years ago in central Massachusetts. The group really seemed to enjoy his upbeat tunes. After the show, one of the men in this party told Macy that the group had just buried one of their friends and that the songs played that evening helped them cope. "When something like that happens, you don't take it lightly," Macy said.

Many aspiring musicians may have visions of being the next YouTube sensation, but not everyone will make it to the top. Macy has sound advice for anyone looking to perform professionally. "Work hard and believe in what you do and in yourself." he said. "Just try to do the best you can and enjoy it."

While no one knows for sure what the future holds for Macy and his career, audiences can plan on seeing him around for a while. "You have to love what you do." he said. "If you love what you do, you are going to keep doing it, no matter what." Ken Macy's fifth album, "Outlines" is available on iTunes. For more information, visit

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